Project Grant

Project grant (application grant) is one of the two foreseen types of grants for which one can apply in the framework of the project. The project grant is facultative and it is an additional form of support. A teacher/ a person running a scientific circle who has already started participating in the project and has already conducted or is conducting now the courses with the support of general grant has a possibility to join the project grant.

During the trainings teachers get to know the platforms of software and hardware which support the process of developing algorithmic skills of IT scientific circles. Students in return have a possibility to get to know in practice the usage of IT knowledge in specific projects and tasks. The conducted project activities allow to develop unconventional way of thinking and group work using the algorithmic ways of solving problems. The participation in project grant allows to develop programing skills of students on the basis of new technical achievements in electronics, mechatronics, automatics and robotics. 

The first selection is planned in April 2020.