Algorithmic Grant

General grant (the algorithmic one) is one of the main foreseen kinds of grants which can be obtained in the framework of the project. A teacher/ a person running a scientific circle who is trying to implement a grant starts their adventure with the project participating in the general grant.

The grant holder who applied for a grant receives not only the financial support for extra curricula classes but first of all a chance to increase their own competences participating in trainings and receiving support from the best technical universities in Poland. The grant holder, having accomplished the course, will possess wide field knowledge thanks to which the students will get a possibility to develop their passions and enrich the knowledge in the field of algorithmic and coding, going beyond the teaching program of IT in primary schools.

The participation in the grant will allow the students develop the mathematical skills, the basis of algorithmic, selected areas of algorithmic, language of programming, software tools,  creation and analysis, implementation and testing of algorithms.

The first selection is planned in April 2019.